Waynik, an innovative online grocery platform, is reshaping the shopping experience with convenience and quality.

What we did for Waynik

We strategically elevated Waynik’s online presence through awareness, influencers and targeted ad campaigns across diverse channels, optimizing their website for seamless user experiences.

How we achieved it

With a substantial yearly campaign budget, our efforts led to a significant increase in sales, creating a substantial return on investment for Waynik. Leveraging targeted ads across diverse online channels and fine-tuning the website, we ensured Waynik’s continued success in the competitive online grocery market, with approximate figures indicating remarkable growth.


KD Sawhney

Chief Innovations Director – Waynik-your Grocery Simplified

We all at some point have always heard a no or cannot be done by an agency, vendor or supplier but in the last 2 years of having a personal and working relation with Aparrna and Sprout Media – nor has she or her team ever turned me down on anything that I have asked for. From managing our social media and the brand as a whole, WAYNIK has increased its visibility 10 folds and most of it comes from ideas and strategies that Sprout Media presents to us. They not only understand our reasons for having this brand and website as another business but also plan the workflow that would be best for the growth of the brand. I’ve said it before and I say it again, it feels like this brand belongs to Sprout Media more than SAFCO because of the interest and work that is being done by them.”

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