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The LinkedIn Powerhouse – Organic + Paid for B2B Success!

Stop settling for a mediocre LinkedIn presence! This professional network offers a goldmine of opportunities for B2B brands, from building connections to establishing thought leadership.Here’s your roadmap to B2B success on LinkedIn: Craft a Compelling Company Page: This is your digital storefront! Showcase your expertise, company culture, and success stories to build brand awareness and […]


Finding Your Perfect Match: Selecting Influencers That Fit Your Budget and Goals!

In the ever-evolving world of social media, influencers are your brand’s BFFs. According to a recent survey, a whopping 80% of marketers see influencers as essential. But here’s the kicker: many still struggle to measure ROI due to the complexities involved.Take the fashion industry, for example, where engagement rates on TikTok (2.26%) outshine other platforms. […]


The Niche Advantage – How Targeting Specific Audiences Can Deliver Big Result.

Feeling like your social media strategies are more like a sprinkle of everything and a sprinkle of nothing? Clients coming in left and right, but results…meh? Here’s why niche targeting is the secret sauce you need: Become the Ketchup to their Fries:  Generalists are everywhere. By specializing in a niche (dog groomers, lawyers, sustainable fashion […]


The Human Touch vs. The Algorithm: Striking a Balance for Social Media Success.

Social media thrives on a delicate dance between the algorithmic magic that curates content and the human touch that breathes life into it. Algorithms are brilliant at reaching the right audience, but they crave authenticity.Here’s how to strike the balance: Craft compelling content:  Algorithms love posts that spark engagement. Focus on visuals, storytelling, and value […]


Awards & Acknowledgement to

Aparnaa Sharrma

Great Companies awarded Aparna as Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2023 for the company growth


She has been awarded as Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award in India in the year 2020


2022 Sprout Media became the Finalist of Middle East Start up of the Year Awards by Dubai Government


WOMENPRENEUR magazine awarded Aparna among TOP 50 WOMEN Entrepreneur of the year 2023



Karanveer Singh

Founder – The Wifi Guys

Sprout Media has transformed my social media game! With their powerful platform and user-friendly interface, managing my social media accounts has become a breeze. From scheduling posts and analyzing performance to gaining valuable insights about my audience, Sprout Media has helped me skyrocket my brand’s visibility and engagement. Their exceptional customer support adds the cherry on top, making Sprout Media an essential tool for anyone looking to take their social media presence to the next level. I wholeheartedly recommend Sprout Media to all business owners, marketers, and influencers seeking to thrive in the digital world.

Akhilesh Mishra

Founder – Bajaj

We are distributors of a large scale multinational automotive brand. We had close to zero social media presence and only relied on in-house social media handling till we signed up with Sprout media for a 6 months retainer to manage our social media reputation. Sprout media was the most reliable and cost effective solution towards this. Aparna and her super energetic team paid a lot of attention to minute customised details and created all the online content from scratch. Following were the results in just 3 months:-
Insta followers: Up 47%
Insta visits: Up 100%
Facebook likes:44%
Tik tok views and reach to.more than 280,000 clicks.
Few reels have crossed thousands of views already
Would strongly recommend Sprout media for all your social media needs.

Sanjit Advani

Founder – Blossom Trading

I’ve been working with sprout media for the past month for one of our companies called blossom trading. Our main objectives were to start our social media presence as well as generate leads in newer markets outside UAE. So far we have gotten great leads that we are about to close and their team is lovely, they come in to our office weekly to shoot tik tok videos and reels and great content which helps us get better visibility.

Michael Kreamer

Founder – The Forge

Sprout Media have been taking care of my social media presence for some time now. I very much liked the creative approach, which has given many of my posts a new, more visually appealing angle. I also liked that the team was always just a message away via WhatsApp (or phone, if needed). So if you are after a fresh, new approach to your social media, give them a try!

Kamran Ahmed Riaz

Director – Bin Dhani Trading L.L.C.

We are pleased to acknowledge the professional services of Mrs. Aparna Sharma & her wonderful team at Sprout Media. They are amazingly good at uplifting your image on Social Media. The team presents various ideas to promote products and services. Above all they work casually with your team to get maximum output. We strongly recommend Sprout Media to all our friends. Thank you Sprout Media for making us prominent.

Sanjay Tiwari

Eureka Aqua Intl. – Eureka Aqua International Trading L.L.C.

We are pleased to acknowledge the professional services of Mrs. Aparna Sharma & her wonderful team at Sprout Media. They are amazingly good at uplifting your image on Social Media. The team presents various ideas to promote products and services. Above all they work casually with your team to get maximum output. We strongly recommend Sprout Media to all our friends. Thank you Sprout Media for making us prominent.

Pawan Kumar Punjabi

Krossover Gifts

Sprout Media is a 1 stop shop for all the social media requirements.

We partnered with them and were all set in such a short time so I was impressed with their speed and commitment to work. Aparna made sure all was in order and was very supportive.

Well done Team Sprout Media

Sidarth Mahindra

Chief Pet Officer – Pet Corner

Aparna Sharma (Sprout Media) taught me what it means to be on social media. She taught me what it means to market and sell my business and my self. She taught me how to be on the map. She taught me patience, resilience and consistency. Ive never come across a power packed house like Aparna who not only speaks with a high decibel but whose work screams even louder.

KD Sawhney

Chief Innovations Director – Waynik-your Grocery Simplified

We all at some point have always heard a no or cannot be done by an agency, vendor or supplier but in the last 2 years of having a personal and working relation with Aparrna and Sprout Media – nor has she or her team ever turned me down on anything that I have asked for. From managing our social media and the brand as a whole, WAYNIK has increased its visibility 10 folds and most of it comes from ideas and strategies that Sprout Media presents to us. They not only understand our reasons for having this brand and website as another business but also plan the workflow that would be best for the growth of the brand. I’ve said it before and I say it again, it feels like this brand belongs to Sprout Media more than SAFCO because of the interest and work that is being done by them.

Bipin Mulani

Top Brands LLC

Great Company, know what they are doing.

They are up to date with advancements and trends in social media that our best suited to each business.

Highly recommended.

Varun Jain


We have worked with Sprout since the launch of UniHawk. They have been our stable and most supportive partner. The team has helped us in multiple ways to become the strong brand that we have now become. Each member of the Team works hard, has the best interests for their client and in totality a fun bunch to work with. My best wishes to Team Sprout and may you continue to grow and shine!

Dev Chouhan

The Deligate

Working with Sprout Media has been an exceptional experience. Their teams expertise in digital strategies helped elevate our brand’s online presence significantly. From innovative social media campaigns to targeted SEO strategies, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our goals and audience. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and proactive communication made the collaboration seamless. highly recommend Sprout Media and the team for anyone seeking top-notch digital marketing services in Dubai

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