Founded in 1985, MIO is a leading UAE law firm, now in its second generation, with branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.

What we did for MIO

We pioneered a dynamic shift by launching a TikTok channel featuring Managing Director Ahmed Odeh, transforming him into a TikTok celeb influencer.

How we achieved it

In a dynamic shift, we leveraged modern platforms. As part of our strategy, we initiated and launched a TikTok channel featuring Managing Director Ahmed Odeh. Transitioning him into a TikTok celeb influencer, our team handled content creation, shooting, editing, and publishing. We monitored the channel, ensuring alignment with current affairs, and brainstormed ideas for engaging, informative content that resonated with a broader audience. This innovative approach enhanced MIO’s visibility, making law more accessible in the digital era.

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