Established in January 1997, Khadlaj Perfumes, a UAE-based family-owned perfume house, is renowned for crafting bespoke oriental and occidental fragrances. We specialize in distinguished home ambience fragrances.

What we did for Khadlaj

We transformed the brand by revamping the website into a thriving e-commerce platform, generating revenue. Our comprehensive strategy included a successful influencer marketing campaign with 40k+ influencers, performance marketing initiatives, and a grand Deira store launch with celebrity guest Khalid Al Ameri. Additionally, we curated captivating photo and video shoots to enhance the brand’s visual identity.

How we achieved it

Our dedicated efforts seamlessly integrated technology, marketing, and celebrity collaboration. The revamped e-commerce platform enhanced customer experience, resulting in increased revenue. The influencer marketing campaign, coupled with performance marketing, solidified Khadlaj’s online presence. The grand Deira store launch with Khalid Al Ameri added a touch of celebrity allure, capturing attention.

The thoughtfully curated photo and video shoots elevated Khadlaj Perfumes’ visual appeal, contributing to its continued success in the fragrance industry.

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