House Of Kabila

House Of Kabila


As a strategic partner, we collaborated with House of Kabila, curating their social media presence. The enchanting ambience, blending old-world charm and modern elegance, defines a warm and inviting dining experience, complementing their exquisite cuisine.

What we did

We orchestrated a grand launch event, executed influential marketing campaigns, collaborated with aggregators like Talabat and Zomato, and implemented comprehensive branding, covering menu design, cutlery, and Google My Business optimization. Both digitally and offline, we executed a 360-degree marketing approach.

Achieving Success

The grand launch event generated anticipation and buzz. Influencer marketing expanded our reach, connecting with a broader audience. Collaborations with popular marketing aggregators enhanced online visibility. Meticulous branding established a cohesive identity, and Google My Business optimization ensured a strong online presence.

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